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Welcome to the 4 Locals Website

4 Locals is a high quality, independent community magazine that is delivered free to homes in Kettering. It was first published in 2005 and received a fantastic response from residents and advertisers alike and quickly became established as an informative guide to local businesses and events. Due to its popularity the distribution has gradually increased over the years, with around 17,300 homes now receiving the magazine.

Each monthly edition contains a series of regular features including book and film reviews, recipes, puzzles and articles about gardening, health, travel and leisure. Running alongside these are local business advertisements, many of which are based within the distribution area. There is also a community section detailing local events, charities and clubs. Local non-profit organisations and charities are usually featured free of charge, so please contact me if you are organising an event, run a local club or have something you’d like mentioned.

This website has been designed to run alongside the magazine and lists all of our regular advertisers as well as the community information. I hope you find it useful!

Angela Croucher

4 Locals Limited